Hiking to Sea Ranch

Posted by Angus Cheng on Friday, January 27, 2023

Back in April 2021 me and some friends tried to hike from Mui Wo to The Sea Ranch. Sadly, we got 95% of the way there but couldn’t figure out how to get from Tai Long Wan over to The Sea Ranch. Yesterday we decided to have another go at it with someone who has been there multiple times.

The Sea Ranch

Made up of 20 four story villas. Construction completed in 1979 and most of the apartments were purchased by companies. The companies would then give out the apartments to senior employees as a perk.

The thing is, there’s no road for vehicles to access The Sea Ranch. There are no restaurants or shops nearby either. A few people still live there and there’s a pier. Residents seem to take a private ferry from The Sea Ranch to Cheung Chau and then go onto Central.

A quick look on spacious.com shows a renovated place can be picked up for a cool $2,700,000 HKD. I reckon a rougher place could be picked up for a lot less. I’m very tempted to make an offer on one of these places.

The Hike

I started off by calling a sampan operator. We wanted to take a boat from The Sea Ranch to Mui Wo instead of hiking back. I sent her a message on WhatsApp asking her how much the trip would cost. She immediately called me back saying “What do you want?!”. Guess she didn’t read the message. She told me it would cost $700. I said okay, then realised I probably should have negotiated a lower price.

We then basically walked around the coast, through a few villages and a prison.

Eventually we got to Tai Long Wan, which is just before The Sea Ranch

We walked to the end of the beach and found a trail that leads to The Sea Ranch

After about ten minutes of walking we got to The Sea Ranch

It was built ages ago, and not many people live there, but it’s still in pretty good condition.

The view is good too eh. I reckon it’d be really nice on a higher up floor.

This sign doesn’t tell the whole truth. The pathway we walked along is public property, but front lawns and villas are private property. So it’s perfectly legal to walk along the path and gawk.

And that’s what we did.

This one’s for sale, but I wouldn’t want to buy one on the ground floor. I could call up the number and see if the owner has any others.

Looks like someone lives in this one.

Hello Candice.

No notices today.

One of these places would be good.

We then got on the arranged sampan and returned to Mui Wo.

App Discussion

The day actually had two purposes. The first was to check out The Sea Ranch and the second was to talk about a web app we’re thinking about building. I’ll tell you more about the web app next time, and hopefully it’ll be in production pretty soon.