Angus Cheng

Hacking Through the UI

Let me tell you the story of my first ever business meeting. Porting Hopsee at IC Studio Back in 2016 I worked at a start up called IC Studio. The company had a strange business model. We would partner with early stage start up and help build their products. In exchange for building their products, we would receive a bit of equity in the company. Instead of providing money to these companies, we provided development skills.

Project Management Sim

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Hiking to Sea Ranch

Back in April 2021 me and some friends tried to hike from Mui Wo to The Sea Ranch. Sadly, we got 95% of the way there but couldn’t figure out how to get from Tai Long Wan over to The Sea Ranch. Yesterday we decided to have another go at it with someone who has been there multiple times. The Sea Ranch Made up of 20 four story villas. Construction completed in 1979 and most of the apartments were purchased by companies.

January 23 2023 Open Mic

On Monday I went to an open mic and did a few jokes. A few of them went pretty well, and others not so well. One of my goals this year is to write five minutes of jokes every week and perform them at least once at an open mic. Expect to see more videos throughout the year.